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RF Romato 2.2.3 (Server US)

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1RF Romato 2.2.3 (Server US) Empty RF Romato 2.2.3 (Server US) on Tue Jan 25, 2011 11:17 pm

2.2.3 server custom (patched with the official golden stuffs)

  • level cap currently in 80 (while actually we already ready for level 120) RF Romato 2.2.3 (Server US) 965400
  • level 1 - 65 (pvp) and to get to 80, you need a bit grinding
  • armors & weapons cost you 1 dalant/disena/cp, LGS and talic is quite rare (which you have to farm for that)
  • level 80 weapons = relics
  • inter-race item transfer (on same account) using gamecp
  • can change base class job via game cp RF Romato 2.2.3 (Server US) 513729
  • latest CCR's official jetpacks (16 for each race) already added
  • max gold in gamecp = 9 quadzillion gold
  • and more to come, as we're trying to make it as fun for both parties as possible

== server spec ==
Location: New Jersey
2 x Intel Quadcore X5420 2.5 Ghz
24Gb RAM (still free > 16Gb, plenty to use)
100Mbps dedicated line



web registration:

Game CP download:

TomatoStarter:(Wajib donlot GAN RF Romato 2.2.3 (Server US) 23881 )

Newest Patch (january 24, 2011):

download the patch fix armor cora:

extract ke TomatoMods folder, copas tomato_mono_cmw.rfs

RF Romato 2.2.3 (Server US) 10385

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